Wealth Planning Process

Wealth planning encompasses more than simply determining what financial resources you have and how they might be best positioned to meet your financial goals. At Gregory Advisors, Inc. we see wealth planning as an ongoing, flexible process by which we come to know not only your goals and dreams but the personal values and qualities that affect your decision-making and shape your vision of a meaningful life.

Our process does include traditional financial planning to analyze your resources and set attainable goals. Likewise, we take responsibility for implementing your financial plan as part of the wealth planning process. However, the process does not stop there – in fact, it never stops. As your life continues, change is inevitable in your private and professional realms, much as it is in the broader financial markets and economy as a whole. Once established, the bulk of our client relationships are spent in this Ongoing Review phase of the wealth planning process. This is where we continually monitor the markets and the private money managers we hire on your behalf; meet with you to stay attuned to any changes – anticipated or not – occurring in your life; and to evaluate your progress toward your financial goals. We see the wealth planning process as the concrete steps by which we assist our clients to prepare for and enjoy every phase of life.