Wealth Management

Investment Management

We follow a disciplined investment management process based on the unique needs of our clients.

  • First, we begin with an understanding of your financial situation by completing a financial plan that identifies and quantifies your needs, goals, values, and emotional risk tolerance.
  • Second, with goals clearly set, we allocate your assets into portfolios of stocks, bonds, cash, and alternative asset classes. The portfolios include sources of potential return that have long-term staying power across all markets and geographic regions through highly diversified portfolios. They also incorporate active tax management strategies to minimize tax consequences where appropriate.
  • Third, we provide on-going monitoring of your investments and an annual review of your financial plan to make sure you're on track to meet your goals.
Every investor has one common concern - protection of their assets against fraud and institutional failure. Security of our clients' assets is our top priority too. For this reason, the majority of our clients' accounts are held at SEI Private Trust Company. For more information about SEI's proactive asset security measure, click here.

Our Strategic Partners

As the complexity of your financial situation increases it becomes even more important that you have access to expertise in areas such as income tax and estate planning.  Over the course of 30 years we have developed working relationships with Certified Public Accountants, Pension Consultants, estate attorneys, insurance agents, mortgage brokers, realtors, and property management firms.  With your financial plan as our guide to what you need to accomplish, we can help you identify the appropriate resource to handle your situation.  Moreover, we will collaborate with that expert on your behalf to ensure your needs are met.  Click here to meet our Strategic Partners.

 Advanced Estate Planning

Equally as important as managing wealth, how that legacy is passed on to heirs is of great concern to those who care about their loved ones.  As part of our planning process we discuss these important issues to ensure you put in place an estate plan that meets your goals.  If you choose we will accompany you to your estate planning meetings to be certain all issues are addressed. Click here to watch our video!

Real Estate  

We believe investment real estate can potentially add balance to our clients overall portfolio. Our ability to model the consequences of a significant financial decision prior to making it is especially beneficial to those who own investment real estate. 

Although possibly providing a consistent source of income, individually owned investment real estate has its own set of issues. These client concerns may include tax issues such as phantom income, mortgage in excess of basis, and tax problems related to prior accelerated depreciation. With our professional training and experience in real estate and financial planning, we are able to address complex tax situations in our client's financial plan and provide potential solutions consistent with our clients' long-term goal, values, and family tax situation.