Our Clients

At Gregory Advisor's Incorporated, the depth of our client relationships is a unique characteristic of our practice that we truly cherish. The very nature of our approach to financial planning dictates that we build close, long-term relationships with our clients and their extended families.

Family Stewards

The majority of our clients are the day-to-day manager of their family’s financial affairs. They look to us to help them understand their options and the potential impact of decisions they face on their family’s financial future. Most of our client families are grounded in successful long-term relationships. As the stewards of their family’s money, most of our clients see it as their responsibility to spend money wisely, lower the overall risk of their assets for the benefit of future generations, and align their financial decisions with their core values.

Embracing Life

Our clients typically love to golf, travel, RV, spend time with family, ride horses, skeet shoot, attend cultural events, and in general embrace all of the experiences and beauty that life has to offer. They are involved in many community activities, spiritual organizations and professional organizations. They are well-educated, hard working professionals who understand the importance of leading a balanced life and the necessity of setting goals and marking milestones.

We invite you to read the success stories we are proud to share with one of our client families, the Hansens.